The mantra to ‘Continually measure, in real time, strategic performance, then evaluate the impact, then take action’ applies here with instant cost benefit analysis

The platform offers an immediate solution to the often complex problem of how to manage projects and people skilfully, simultaneously and with confidence. It enables users to manage in fine detail, to tight schedules in one’s workplaces whether they be remote or in-house, so allowing both a macro and a micro overview. This is a process which steers projects and personal on the required track, so permitting both motivation of staff whilst meeting stake holder’s expectations including:

An electronic, paperless, portable and user friendly cost beneficial solution
Reduction in down-time
Digital signature sign off – all – device specific
Accessible performance and progress indicators
Enhanced quality and speed of delivery
Reduction and simplification of  administration
Elimination of the need for continual on-site assessment
State of the art technology
Environmental savings
Reduction of information delivery costs
On-demand visual record of progress
Multi-management of tasks and of personnel
Speedy completion of record of achievements
Pause and restart facility in recording information
An automated evidence collection, assessment and verification trail

The platform not only allows management to manage, it allows and empowers on-site users to manage themselves and those tasks for which they are responsible.