Images, audio, handwriting, additional files can be captured live and/or uploaded. Assessment allows optimisation of key channels, plus maximisation of opportunities that may otherwise have been hidden in the normality of day to day operations. Though a strategic plan may already have been prepared and a project plan being followed, use of the platforms audit & assessment features allows fine tuning of the strategic plan in any future phase two. In the long term the Asses function could lead to additional analysis in such diverse areas of social attitude or on-site behaviour. Types of audit & assessment that can be created from the one platform include:

Any User defined innovative capture requirement
H & S Inspections
Equipment & Asset tracking
Risk Assessments
FTA Vehicle Checks
Quality Audits – Bespoke – Regulatory & Mandatory
Process Management
Financial Audits
Job completion sign off
People Reviews & Appraisals & Engagement
Customer & Supplier Feedback surveys
Waste Management
Time & Work Sheets
Site Inspections