Our platform is easily tailored and Branded to the specific requirements of an industry sector and has as such met customer’s requirement from Australia to Europe enabling them to gain a competitive advantage.

This cost effective solution is FREE to all data/assessor/people/client/supplier end users – a one off build cost to digitally brand the new ‘owner company’ – annual user licenses apply, payable monthly for back office manager, supervisors being a minimum of 1.

Digital innovation is a strategic issue and demands board-level engagement. Few businesses can operate without digital technology, but with an innovative digital tool, such as the MAC Digitals Technology platform, business will make a noticeable and proven step forward to positive business growth if not simply sustainability.

Sectors include:

Business Management
Health and Safety
HR – Engagement
Law Enforcement
Leisure – Hotel Management
National Health Service
Quality & Environmental
The Rail Infrastructure
Universities and Technology Colleges

The platform offers three specific disciplines, all configured to meet customer requirements and expectations.

In determining the business benefits that this Application has to offer, the customer has been placed at the centre of this strategy. What the customer needs and wants is factored into the build of the platform, is aimed to performance monitor and attracts attention to specific items in a business’s operation, which may otherwise be missed.

We have not created an application that just provides information or digests available content and then adds lots of superfluous material, as that merely will waste investment. It is incredibly flexible, but not too flexible and will keep the customer focussed on the company objective. The platform can be viewed as an application that has an emphasising function, rather than an application that has many options or embellishments. The platform has been comprehensively endorsed by all users as meeting their requirements. The platform can cater for the demands of keeping track of employee’s needs, training and expertise. No company can afford to side-line employee’s skills, talents, expectations, aspirations, work ethos or training requirements.